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The 2008 North Carolina Summit on Youth & Families

meet our 2008 Co-Chairs

Creating the Future of North Carolina’s Youth and Families:
Advocacy, Leadership, and Collaborations for Positive Change

November 19-20, 2008
Sheraton Raleigh Hotel, Raleigh, NC

What is the Summit?

The 2008 North Carolina Summit on Youth and Families convenes leaders for a second consecutive year in a dynamic, visionary, collegial setting from education, government, business, and communities. The Summit’s goal is to examine critically the current status and future direction of our state’s youth and families, and is targeted to professionals and volunteers from non-profit organizations, government agencies, and business and industry.

The 2008 Summit will continue to focus upon the following three critical, contemporary issues facing our state’s youth and families:

  1. Strengthening Economic Opportunities: Economic opportunities are created through strategic interactions among individuals and families, organizations, agencies, businesss and industries in communities. These interactions promote vibrant communities that bring together educational and community-based resources that foster employment and business in our global economy.
  2. Striving for Educational Excellence: Educational excellence is a principle guiding policy-makers and educational institutions to provide opportunities for all people to gain knowledge and skills to achieve their maximum potential to contribute to family, community and society; and
  3. Improving Health and Well-being: Health and well-being is not just the absence of disease, but an optimal state of complete physical, mental and social capacity that allows youth and families to live their best lives.

The 2008 Summit seeks to focus upon these three critical aspects of Creating the Future of North Carolina’s Youth and Families through:

  • Advocacy: the act of supporting, defending, or maintaining a position on the behalf of a particular youth, family or community cause or issue
  • Leadership: recognizing and mobilizing other's capacities to develop innovative solutions to strengthen youth, families and communities; and
  • Collaboration: mutually beneficial relationships entered into by people, groups and/or organizations who bring their resources together to achieve solutions for youth, family and community issues that otherwise could not be achieved on their own.

Sponsored by the Department of 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences at North Carolina State University, specific Summit objectives include:

  • Examining critical and emerging issues facing North Carolina’s youth and families and their communities;
  • Discussing how existing organizations, agencies, and programs may successfully address these issues through advocacy, leadership, and collaborations in and among community-based programs;
  • Envisioning new strategies and approaches to better address these and other emerging issues in the future; and
  • Interacting across geographic and organizational boundaries to share ideas and strengthen collaborations and partnerships.