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Nomination Guidelines

We welcome nominations for the 2nd Annual North Carolina Awards for Excellence in Youth and Family Programming. This statewide award recognizes individuals, families and organizations that have demonstrated positive impact upon our state’s youth or families through creative program efforts and enhanced the quality of life of North Carolinians.

Who Is Eligible?

Any individual youth, individual adult, family, or team, non-profit organization/agency, or for-profit business or organization whose programming activities benefit the youth or families of North Carolina in a substantial, important or unique way.

Additional Guidelines

The nomination form consists of Sections I through IV. ALL SECTIONS OF THE FORM MUST BE COMPLETED. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

All nominations must be submitted on the official 2008 North Carolina Awards for Excellence in Youth and Family Programming nomination form. Photocopies of the form are acceptable.

All nominations must be received in the Department of 4-H Youth Development and Family & Consumer Sciences by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 24, 2008.

If the nominee is a group or business, the name of one contact person must be provided. That individual will be the person who will act as a contact person between the official awards committee and the group or business

The nomination form must be printed or neatly typewritten.

A husband/wife, family, group or team who implement a program as a unit that benefits youth and/or families may be considered as one nominee.

Award evaluation is based ONLY on the contents of the nomination form.

Nominees are selected through a blind review process (the names of all nominees will be removed from nomination packets to ensure impartiality) based on merit – without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical/mental disability.

Award Selection

Selection is based upon the nominee’s programming efforts, accomplishments and impact.  The nomination should reflect a meaningful commitment of time and service by the nominee. The nominee’s service should demonstrate positive impact on our state’s youth and families and enhance the quality of life of North Carolinians.

Award recipients will be selected by an interagency committee of professionals and volunteers from across the state that represent the diversity of government, non-profit agencies and organizations serving youth and/or families. Established awards selection criteria for nominated programs include:

Program focus upon (a) contemporary issue(s) facing North Carolina’s youth and/or families (25%);

Scope and breadth of program initiative (25%);

Active engagement of collaborators and volunteers in identifying the issue, and planning and implementing the program (25%); and

Documented impact of program upon the target audience(s) (25%).

Nominations should be mailed or faxed

Mail Nomination Packets to:
Dr. Mitzi Downing
Campus Box 7606
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7606

Fax Nomination Packets to:
Dr. Mitzi Downing
Fax: 919-515-7812

For more information regarding the Awards, please contact Dr. Mitzi Downing, Extension Assistant Professor and Director of the North Carolina Center for Youth Development Research, at 919-515-8487 or E-mail: Mitzi Downing

Download a Nomination Form (word file format).
Download a Nomination Form (rich text format. If you are unsure, use rich text format.)

Download the Nomination Packet (word file format).
Download the Nomination Packet (rich text format. If you are unsure, use rich text format.)