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For more information regarding specific aspects of the 2008 NC Summit on Youth & Families, please contact the appropriate individuals listed below:

Summit registration and payment:

Cheryl Mckenzie
Tel.: 919-515-2261
FAX: 919-515-7614
E-mail: Cheryl Mckenzie

Exhibiting at the Summit:

Lorelei Jones
Tel. 919-515-9140
FAX: 919-515-2786
E-mail: Lorelei Jones

Call for Presentations:

Dr. Sarah Kirby
Tel. 919-515-9154
FAX: 919-515-2786
E-mail: Sarah Kirby

Submitting an Awards Nomination:

Dr. Mitzi Downing
Tel. 919-515-8487
FAX: 919-515-2786
E-mail: Mitzi Downing

Sponsoring the Summit:

Dr. Michael Martin
Tel. 919-513-8254
FAX: 919-515-5274
E-mail: Michael Martin

Maurene Rickards
Tel. 336-655-6954
FAX: 919-515-5274
E-mail: Maurene Rickards

For other inquires not addressed in the categories above please contact the 2008 Summit Faculty Co-chairs:

Dr. R. Dale Safrit
Tel.: 919-513-0306
FAX: 919-515-7812
E-mail: Dale Safrit

Dr. Jackie McClelland
Tel. 919-515-9148
FAX: 919-515-2786
E-mail: Jackie Mcclelland